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What is Brazilian Football?

What is Brazilian football?

Jogo Bonito! The beautiful game. Is there a more entertaining way to play?

One of the most common questions we are often asked is what is Brazilian football and how is it different to any other kind of football?

Brazilian football is one of the most beloved styles of football in the world. Why? Because it’s an art; a form of dance which allows for the utmost expression and creativity of those playing.

Just imagine playing football with the flair and zest of one of the greatest masters of skills, Ronaldinho, or floating past players with ease like Neymar Jr. Even more, how about bending a free kick with the outside of the foot like Roberto Carlos? These styles have their origins in the earliest forms of football in Brazil. A style known as GINGA (jeen-gah).

Ginga is the basis of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dancing style, which uses a side to side swinging motion also utilised in football to confuse your opponent! You might be familiar with this when you see Neymar doing those crazy skills or Ronaldinho’s insane elastic skill. It looks like dancing, right!? The extravagant style has long mesmerized and captured the hearts of all football fans across the world because it’s just so entertaining.

Even before the infamous Brazilian team of the 80’s which saw the likes of Pelé, Zico, Rivelino and Garrincha entertain crowds, Ginga led the way football was played on the streets and beaches of Brazil. It has everything to do with swinging with elegance, rhythm and skill and most importantly, having fun doing it!

At Samba Soccer Schools, we combine our skills-focused programme with Brazilian Samba music to create an environment where students can practice Ginga. You can bet your feet won’t stop moving and your hips swinging away! Call 020 72052723 today or contact us to know more!

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