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Welcome to Samba Soccer Schools

Learn to play football the Brazilian way with London's No.1 Soccer School.

With multiple centres across the capital, Samba Soccer Schools offers a unique and exciting opportunity for London-based children to experience technical football training, all to the sound of samba music!

So grab your boots and get ready to immerse yourself into a skills-focused programme that teaches the flamboyant tricks and mentality needed to play attractive winning football and encourages students to play with flair and zest as seen by the likes of Neymar, Coutinho and Ronaldinho!

Join us today and learn how to play the beautiful game!


Samba Music

You can enjoy each class all to the sound of samba music creating a thrilling and carnival-like experience. We promise your feet won’t stop moving!

Skills Ball

We use a smaller weighted skills ball which keeps the ball on the ground so we can focus on finely tuning your skills with your feet.

Skills Tutorial-App

Learning with Samba Soccer never stops. Our members have access to our skills tutorial app featuring video tutorials of all the skills we teach in our classes.

Brazilian Football

Our classes are designed to teach children how to play the Brazilian way with a focus on ball mastery skills and 1v1 tricks to beat defenders.