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5 Ways The SSS Skills Tutorial App Can Improve Your Child’s Football Skills

The Samba Soccer Skills Tutorial App is our home for weekly skills and tutorials. The SSS app features skills from our upcoming football classes so kids can get a head start on next week’s session. Skills are split across four ability levels and each one follows a six-week coaching programme based on the style of a different Brazilian player.

Here are five ways in which the SSS Skills Tutorial App can improve your child’s football skills:

  1. Tailored to Your Skill Level

The SSS Skills Tutorial App has an intuitive user-friendly interface that groups all skills into four discrete categories. The categories are ‘beginners class’, ‘intermediate class’, ‘advanced class’, and the ‘pro class’.

By arranging the skills into categories, we make it easy for your child to find their level and gradually progress. Our category system makes for an inclusive experience that caters to all ability levels.

  1. Learn From the Best Brazilian Players

The skills found on our app aren’t just plucked from thin air – they’re modelled on some of Brazil’s finest footballers, both past and present. Our Samba philosophy runs all the way through our sessions and onto our skills tutorial app.

We currently feature sets of skill tutorials based on legends like Pelé and Ronaldo as well as modern icons like Dani Alves and Philippe Coutinho. A new Brazilian star is added every six weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for new skill sets!

  1. Practise Skills from Home

The SSS app facilitates practice at home. It gives kids the chance to practice skills ahead of sessions and become more comfortable with them. These same skills can be accessed after sessions for further consolidation and practice.

The skills tutorial app provides tonnes of flexibility to brush up on skills whenever and wherever.

  1. Boost Confidence

There is no better way to boost confidence than practice. The SSS app provides access to video tutorials where kids can perfect their skills and grow in self-belief as they do so.

Being able to engage in these skills in your own time away from others can be the perfect way to take your child’s skills to the next level. Football is a game of confidence and the skills tutorial app is a great way to lift that.

  1. Increase Engagement

Taking learning into your own hands is a great way to increase engagement. The SSS Skills Tutorial App can help do just that with kids able to pick which skills to focus on. These skills can be practised and perfected in their own time with helpful pointers from parents along the way.

The entire process of choosing, learning, and mastering a skill with the app will encourage and support kids’ engagement in the sport.

All our members benefit from free access to our skills app. If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a member, why not start with a free trial lesson, on us? Book a class at your nearest venue here


How can my kid learn new football skills?

Learning new skills can be tricky but if you are able to pick an appropriate skill and explain it well, kids can soon pick things up fairly quickly. The Samba Soccer Schools Skills Tutorial App is perfect for this.

How do I know what level my child is at in football?

It’s not always obvious what level of ability your child currently possesses. Starting off with ‘beginner class’ skills and slowly working your way up as your child becomes more accomplished is a sensible route to take.

Can I access older skill sets in the SSS Skills Tutorial App?

Yes, all skill sets taught at Samba Soccer Schools sessions are available to view and practise via the app. These are regularly updated every six weeks.

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