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What happens when a class is cancelled?

If you’ve enrolled your child onto one of our outdoor venues, there’s a chance that a lesson may be cancelled due to heavy rain, storm or an unforeseen event.

When this happens, we will try our best to give you as much notice as possible. You can expect to receive a text message from us the night before the lesson at the very earliest. At the very latest, it could be up to 2 hours before the class begins.

So what happens to the cancelled lesson?

At Samba Soccer Schools, we make sure that every customer gets exactly the number of lessons promised to them.

Let’s say you have booked a 12-month membership plan (36 classes) and during that 12 months, we cancelled one class due to heavy rain. In this scenario, this class will be added on as a credit to the end of your membership.

In other words, when your membership comes to an end, and if you decide not to renew your membership, we will ask you to keep attending for one extra class to make up for the class that we cancelled.

We keep track of all cancelled classes and all customers who are owed a lesson(s).

This policy only applies to lessons that we cancel. It does not apply when you miss a lesson unless in exceptional circumstances.

Please note:
It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact information we have for you is always updated in the event we need to contact you. Please call our customer service team on 0207 2052723 if you make any changes to the contact details we have on file for you.

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