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Welcome to our football coaching blog where you can find our latest news and football training tips.
soccer warm up drills for kids

Top 10 Soccer Warm Up Drills for Kids in 2021

Keeping kids engaged and interested in football is easy when you have lots of fresh new ideas for drills. There ...
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famous football quotes

Top 100 Famous Football Quotes Ever

Football is littered with great quotes from footballers, managers, and pundits. Here are 100 of the most famous football quotes: ...
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benefits of music with football training

The Benefits of Music With Football Training

Training is an integral part of football that separates the good from the elite. No one reaches the top without ...
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benefits of football camps

Top 10 Benefits of Football Camps for a Child’s Development

Football is great for kids both mentally and physically and football camps are an excellent way to structure the sport ...
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football positions uk

Football Positions UK Guide 2021

Football can be both a simple and a complex game. There are four basic positions on the field: goalkeeper, defence, ...
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is it hard to become a professional football player

How Hard is it to Become a Professional Football Player in the UK?

This is an age-old question that many of us have wondered at one point or another. For many children across ...
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