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Whatever their experience, your child’s football journey starts right here.

Whether your child is looking to sharpen their football skills, learn new techniques or just have heaps of fun, we have four different services which can help them.

From our weekly football classes in London to our One to One football training, football Holiday Camps and football Birthday Parties. Whatever takes your fancy, our coaches will make sure your child’s experience is one you both remember.

Choose from the options below to find out how we can help your child.

weekly football classes for kids london


Our weekly football classes for kids in London are designed for boys and girls aged 4-11. Whether your child is a beginner or you want to build their skills and confidence, we cater for all levels of ability and can help them progress on the pitch. Your first class is free!

1-on-1 football training for kids london


Have you tried combining a HIIT workout with ball mastery? Our top coaches are guaranteed to get your child’s blood pumping and heart racing. In just a few One to One lessons, you’ll see their skills, fitness and confidence build thick and fast. 

soccer holiday camps london


Our Holiday Camps are a great way for your child to boost their confidence and skills. Delivered over 4 days and held in London’s top facilities, our camps allow your child to make new friends, stay social and create memories that can last a lifetime.

football kids parties london


Brazilians are known to be expert party goers. And make no mistake about it, our football birthday parties match up to it. Our energetic coaches will entertain your guests with heaps of fun, games, competitions and challenges.