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Weekly football classes for kids
aged 4-12 in London

With Samba Soccer Schools, your child can learn how to play the Brazilian way with our weekly football classes in London. So grab their boots and get them ready for a skills-focused programme that teaches the skills and mentality needed to play attractive winning football.

Our weekly soccer classes for kids will show your child how to play with flair and freedom as seen by the likes of Neymar, Coutinho and Ronaldinho!

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weekly football classes for kids

The benefits of our weekly football classes for kids

improve football confidence

Builds Confidence

With a focus on 1-2 core skills in each class, you’ll start to see your child’s confidence grow quickly as they learn to master the skills.

learn football skills

Learn New Skills

With our weekly classes, your child will enjoy learning never-before-seen skills that are both challenging and fun! They’ll be buzzing to show their friends!

make friends in football

Make New Friends

Your child will delight in expanding their friendship circles with our group classes. They’ll also learn key social skills such as respect, teamwork, listening and communication.

fun football training


What’s more fun for a football-obsessed child than learning new football skills and playing matches? We have no doubt that our classes will leave them feeling happy after each session.

Let’s answer your questions

We know you’ve probably got lots of questions to ask about our weekly football classes.
To make thing easy, we’ve gone ahead and answered the most common questions.


Where and when do your weekly football classes take place?

Our weekly football classes for children take place during the school academic year. That means your child can enjoy 36 lessons during the year with 12 classes taking place during the Autumn, Spring and Summer term.

Classes take place in some of London’s finest indoor and outdoor venues. The venues are safe and comfortable for you to sit back and watch your child enjoy their lesson.

You’ll find that each venue runs weekly sessions for players aged 4-12 at different venues, on different days and times.

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weekly football classes centre
brazilian football lessons

What is Brazilian football? And what do you teach in the lessons?

We get this question a lot. And because we’re so passionate about Brazilian football, we love answering it every time.

Brazilian’s are known to play a style of football that’s called Ginga. Ginga is the art of playing football with joy and trickery. It’s all about having fun with the ball. You learn to swing your body from one side to the other to deceive your opponent. You can learn more about Brazilian football by clicking here.

So how do we teach this style of football in our classes?
To put it simply, we teach your child how to master the ball with their feet and think creatively with their brain.

Compare it to a guitarist who must use their fingers to master the strings of a guitar before they can play beautiful music. Well, there’s no difference in what we do. We show your child so many ball mastery skills and core 1v1 movements so they can play beautiful football. Eventually they’ll feel confident enough to use those skills to problem-solve their way out of pressured situations. This has huge benefits for their game as it develops their agility, speed, reaction skills, balance and ball control.


Can my child attend your weekly classes, even if they have no experience?

Our football academy is open to boys and girls aged 4-11. Whatever your child’s experience, our coaches will place them in the appropriate ability group and work with them to build their skill sets and confidence.

Our weekly classes have four different levels, each with its own set syllabus:

• Beginners Group
• Intermediate Group
• Advanced Group
• Pro Group

With SSS, you’ll find that no two lessons are ever the same which keeps your child engaged in the programme.

On top of this, as a member, we’ll also give you free access to our Skills Tutorial App so your child can learn the skills from their ability group from the comfort of your home. This helps sharpen their skills and boost their confidence!

can my child attend your weekly classes
Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr

“Great work. Thank you for using Brazilian football to inspire younger children”.



“All the best, well done!”.

Laure Lebrun

Laure Lebrun

“Amazing experience with our son; The team manages to be extremely kind with the kids while being able to teach proper skills to them. Highly recommend them!”

Mansoor Ghafoor

Mansoor Ghafoor

“My son has really enjoyed his time at Samba Soccer Schools, a really ideal place to develop your child's technical football skills and ball mastery. The coaches are brilliant and the setting and atmosphere is top draw for young children to learn and develop in a fun environment. Keep up the good work to all the team at SSS!”

Habib Jan

Habib Jan

“My son Arslan Habib is part of Samba soccer school since the last 12 weeks and he is doing very well. Hope he will improve his soccer skills at this program”

Karolina Hogner

Karolina Hogner

“Very cool approach to coaching. Something different. I’ve taken my son to quite a few clubs but with samba soccer I can see his progress especially his confidence in dribbling the ball. Cheers.”

4 levels

Although we group players based on ability and not age, we have found that our ability groups loosely fit certain age groups.

beginners football classes for 4-5 year olds

Beginners Group

Weekly football classes for kids aged 4-5 years

Our beginners football classes for 4-5 year olds lay the foundation for playing football with flair. They are appropriate for children just beginning their football journey.

Our beginners class teaches your child the following:

• Basic dribbling techniques including the use of the sole, inside and outside of the foot
• The foundations for ball mastery skills appropriate for their level
• Simple ball control techniques through passing and receiving
• Decision-making skills through fun game-based exercises

Intermediate Group

Weekly football classes for kids aged 6-7 years

Our Intermediate football classes, typically for 6-7 year olds, takes things up a notch. These classes are designed to teach your child how to create space using their skills and how to apply their skills in games so they can feel more confident using them.

Our Intermediate class teaches your child the following skills:

• A range of ball mastery skills suitable for their level
• How to create space with their body and skills
• Core 1v1 tricks suitable for their level
• Decision making including when and how to use skills against defenders

intermediate football classes for 6-7 year olds
advanced football classes for 8-9 years old

Advanced Group

Weekly football classes for kids aged 8-9 years

Our advanced football classes are usually suitable for kids aged 8-9 years. This level is appropriate for children who feel confident with the basics including controlling the ball comfortably with different parts of the foot and understanding how to use skills and tricks.

Our Advanced classes teaches your child the following skills:

• Physical movements including speed, agility and balance
• Advanced ball mastery skills suitable for their level including combinations of skills
• Core 1v1 tricks suitable for their level
• How to make better decisions with and without the ball

Proficient Group

Weekly football classes for kids aged 10-11 years

Our Proficient football classes are usually suitable for kids aged 10-11 years. This is where you can expect your child to learn some complex ball mastery skills and learn how to use them in the right way. Classes for the Proficient level are designed to overload students so they can really sharpen their problem-solving skills.

Our Proficient football classes teaches your child the following skills:

• Higher intensity physical movements to develop speed and reaction
•.Complex ball mastery skills suitable for their level
• Core 1v1 tricks suitable for their level
• How to problem solve when under significant pressure

Proficient football classes for 10-11-years old

Who runs your weekly football classes?

We understand that our weekly football classes are only as good as the coaches who run them. All our coaches undergo thorough training and examination before they set foot onto the pitch. This helps our coaches to perform at the highest level and ensures a consistent and safe football experience for your child.

All coaches hold a minimum Level 1 FA Coaching License, have first-aid training and hold an up-to-date DBS certificate.

We also have a 1:10 coach to student ratio so your child can get the support they need from their coach. Find out more about our team by clicking below.

who runs your weekly football classes
weekly football classes cost

How much are your weekly football classes?

At Samba Soccer Schools, we run a membership programme for our weekly football classes.

Our membership fees are spread over equal monthly instalments to make it affordable and cost-efficient for you. So every month, you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending.

Our 12-month membership plan starts at £47.99 per month and this includes a 15% discount on our SSS uniform. Alternatively, you can opt for our 6-month membership plan which starts at £57.99 per month and includes a 5% discount on our SSS uniform. Click below to see our full membership prices.

Why should I choose your weekly football classes?

We could give you hundreds of reasons why you should choose our weekly football classes for your child over the rest. But truth be told, we’d rather show you. So why not book a free trial lesson for your child and experience the fun for yourself.

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