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10 Cool Brazilian Football Skills to Learn in 2021

If you’re looking for some new skills to learn at home this year, then you’ve come to the right place! Brazilians are famed for their silky skills on the pitch and as such, are renowned for inventing some of the coolest tricks around.

The following article details ten cool Brazilian football skills with information on how you can practise them yourself!

  1. Elastico

Use when – Beating an opponent

How to do it – Push the ball with the outside of your foot in a 45-degree direction. Move your body in the same direction, plating your foot on the ground as you snap the ball back in the opposite direction with your instep. Follow the ball in the new direction leaving your opponent flat-footed.

Difficulty rating – 7/10


  1. Hocus Pocus

Use when – Confusing a defender from a stationary position

How to do it – Much like the Elastico, the Hocus Pocus uses one fluid motion to change the direction of the ball with the same foot. Rather than going out to in, go in to out.

To do this, step in front of the ball with one foot. Next, push the ball with the inside of your foot 45 degrees so that the ball travels behind your standing foot. In a rabona stance, transition your foot so that you make contact with the top of it to send the ball in front of you in another direction.

Difficulty rating – 9/10


  1. The R9

Use when – Beating your opponent

How to do it – Place one foot on top of the ball and drag it back towards your standing foot. As the ball approaches your standing foot, use your instep to pass it back in the direction it came from with a hop. Finally, hit the ball with the instep of your other foot sending it off in the opposite direction.

Difficulty rating – 6/10


  1. Rainbow Flick

Use when – Stationary and penned in

How to do it – Step in front of the ball with your weakest foot. With your other foot, push the ball up against the inside heel of your standing foot and lift your stronger foot.  Hop with your standing foot and using it to backheel the ball over your shoulder. Make sure to keep your eyes on the ball as it drops in front of you.

Difficulty rating – 8.5/10


  1. Double Stepover

Use when – to confuse the opposition

How to do it – Throw one foot over the ball without touching it. With the other foot, touch the ball forwards. Throw the same foot over the ball again. Your body should be positioned to one side of the ball.

Difficulty rating – 7.5/10


  1. Neymar Chop

Use when – to beat your marker

How to do it – whilst running with the ball and kick it behind your standing foot with the instep of your other foot. With your other foot circle it around the ball, meeting it with your instep to knock it forward.

Difficulty rating – 7/10


  1. Fake Rabona

Use when – Creating space

How to do it – With the ball position to the side of you. Wrap the foot furthest from the ball around your standing leg as if to perform a rabona. Step over the ball with this foot, knocking the ball towards you, and step over the ball whilst it moves.

Difficulty rating – 6/10


  1. Fake Rabona Feint

Use when – Beating a player

How to do it – Perform the actions in the skill above. The with the ball to your side, pull it back towards your body and push off with the instep of the other foot to run into the vacated space.

Difficulty rating – 7/10


  1. Sombrero Variation

Use when – Beating a player in a tight space

How to do it – Place one foot on the ball and drag it back toward your standing foot. Use this foot to flick the ball up towards yourself. With the defender lunging towards you, flick the ball midair with the outside of your foot over the opponent’s head and chase.

Difficulty rating – 9/10


  1. Fenomeno

Use when – Beating your marker

How to do it – Roll your foot over the top of the ball from outside to in. Take a step ahead of the ball with your other foot and touch with the first foot wrapped around in a rabona-like stance.

Difficulty rating – 6/10



These skills naturally require hard work and practice to pull off successfully. Some are harder than others so try not to be too discouraged if you can’t do them all at first.

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Brazilian Football Skills FAQs:

How do you play football like a Brazilian?

Samba Soccer Schools teach football the Brazilian way but if you’re keen to add some Brazilian skills to your game, have a read of the above article.

What is the hardest football skill?

There are lots of tricky skills and which is hardest depends on what you are good at. From our list, the Sombrero and the Hocus Pocus are probably the toughest to master.

Why is football special to Brazil?

Football is the national sport and is enjoyed by practically everyone in the country. The two can hardly be separated.

Which footballer has the best skills?

There are lots of footballers with great skills including Neymar, Ronaldo, and Messi, all of which have guides on their skills linked.

What is Ginga style football?

Ginga is all about playing with skill and bamboozling the defender.

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