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Top 10 Tips on How to Improve Your Shooting Skills in Football?

Shooting is a special skill that comes in many different forms. There are a variety of techniques appropriate for any given occasion but behind them, there are some fundamental rules which apply to most situations.

10 Tips for Effective Soccer Shooting

Whether you find yourself one-on-one with the keeper or 30 yards out, some aspects of shooting do not change. The following article will outline ten of the most important tips when it comes to soccer shooting technique.

  1. Watch Football

Watching football is an easy way to learn and pick up vital information. By watching professionals play on a regular basis, you will develop your understanding of the game.

This understanding extends to shooting techniques. Your football shooting skills will improve by virtue of exposure. The more you see, the better you will be able to replicate these techniques.

kids watching football

Professionals will often show you which techniques are best in different situations but when they opt for a poor choice, commentators will likely point out what they could have done better. This is a low-effort way of improving your own shooting.

  1. Use Power to Your Advantage

It’s not always the best course of action, but hitting a shot with power is the go-to option when in doubt. The harder you hit the ball, the less time the goalkeeper has to react. A hard shot can often make up for a lack of accuracy.

A solid connection with the ball is important, so work on your shot power whenever you get a chance. It isn’t all about strength when it comes to a powerful shot. The technique is far more important. Aim to maintain your balance and swing your leg through the ball to generate as much speed as possible.

  1. Follow Through

Kicking through the ball will not only maximise your power but will also help with direction. Your kicking motion should take your leg through the center of the ball for a swift and controlled strike.

The accuracy of your shots will improve with the correct kicking motion. Of course, this isn’t the appropriate technique for every occasion but more often than not it will be invaluable.

  1. Your Standing Foot is Just as Important

The foot that strikes the ball gets all the headlines but make sure to consider the positioning of your standing foot. The leg you’re standing on when striking the ball makes a world of difference and can be the difference between a goal and a poor shot.

Plant your foot flat on the ground with your knee bent for maximum balance. Keep it around half a meter from the ball when striking. Too far, and you risk overstretching and making poor contact. Too close, and you risk getting the ball stuck under your own feet and, again, making poor contact.

soccer shooting technique

The importance of your standing foot cannot be overstated.

  1. Remain Flexible

It isn’t just your standing foot that affects your shots, the rest of your body plays a big role, too. Your upper body is largely responsible for your balance and can affect the direction of your shot.

Leaning back too much will send the ball skywards whilst being hunched over the ball can limit the power generated.

Working on your flexibility and agility will allow you to quickly adjust your body position. This means you can prepare for a shot and position yourself correctly far quicker than a less agile player and will improve your shooting immeasurably.

  1. Pay Attention to the Goalkeeper

Shooting isn’t just about yourself. The goalkeeper is the other major component in a shot, and as such, paying close attention to their positioning is a worthwhile habit to get into.

Before unleashing a shot, look up and take note of the goalkeeper’s placement. This will help inform the type of shot and direction.

soccer goalkeeper drills

If the keeper is well off their line, a chipped shot may be the best course of action. If the goalie has left a large gap to his right, try bending it in that direction. If the goalkeeper is low and going to ground early it may be best to round him. Look up and take note.

  1. Practise One-on-Ones

Spectators often think of one-on-ones as easy chances. In truth, there is a lot more to a one-on-one but they can become a likely goal-scoring opportunity almost every time.

Practise is the best way to improve your one-on-one success rate. It will help you recognise what to do in specific situations and give you more confidence when the scenario occurs in a real match situation.

soccer shooting practice

Other than that, keep your head up, remain aware, and stay composed for best results.

  1. Improve Your Accuracy

We advocated using power in tip 2, but that doesn’t mean accuracy goes out the window. Power isn’t the only option and when coupled with accuracy it can be lethal.

Once again, practise is the name of the game here. Football shooting drills designed to focus on accuracy are the best way to improve the precision of your shots.

Get used to hitting the target and aiming for the corners of the goals. Eventually burying the ball in the extremities of the goal will become second nature.

  1. Vary Your Shots

We’ve touched on it above but this deserves it’s own dedicated space. Varying the techniques of your shots will allow you to execute the correct shot in the correct situation.

There are many types of shots in football, and there is often more than one option for any given situation. By mixing things up you’ll keep the opposition on their toes.

If the goalkeeper knows that you won’t shoot early from distance they might start coming off their line. Vary your approach and you might be able to catch them out.

  1. Push Yourself

Always look to keep improving. There are so many drills to improve shooting in football so don’t get comfortable. If you find you’re just going through the motions, add in new elements, mix things up and keep learning.

Keep pushing yourself and you will keep improving your shooting.


If your child wants to improve their shooting skills in a friendly environment, why not get them down to a Samba Soccer School? Soccer shooting technique drills are just one of the many things coached at our camps.

Soccer Shooting FAQs:

How to Increase Shooting Power in Soccer?

A lot of shooting power comes in the technique. Strike the ball cleanly with good body positioning for increased shooting power.

How to Improve Your Shot Accuracy in Soccer?

The majority of tips above will benefit your shooting accuracy. Practise is the number one way to do so.

How Do You Shoot a Football High?

Leaning back and making contact with the lower portion of the ball will lift it off the ground. The more power you can put behind that, the higher it is likely to go.

Why is Shooting Important in Football?

Goals are the currency of football so naturally shooting is important. Without shots, there are no goals, and without goals, there are no winners.

Where Can I Find the Best Soccer School for My Kid to Improve Football Shooting Skills?

Samba Soccer Schools in London offers friendly expert coaching to 4-11 year-olds. If you want more information on the topic, you can find it here.

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