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10 Key Considerations When Choosing a Football Academy For Your Child in London

Any parent whose child shows a natural aptitude and passion for football should absolutely consider professional football coaching at an academy. A soccer academy for kids is a facility established to develop and nurture kids’ footballing skills. If you live in and around the capital, there are a lot of positives to enrolling your child into a kids’ football academy in London.

10 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Football Academy in London For Your Child

The following article will outline 10 most important considerations when deciding on a football academy for your child in London.

1. Location

Without a doubt, location is one of the most prevalent matters when weighing up football academies. It is important to note that there are two main types of football academy, those attended on scheduled days and those where the child resides on the premises.

Regardless of which type you think is best, you will likely want to pick an academy within a reasonable distance of your home. Make sure the academy is reachable from wherever you are, whether it be by car or on foot.

2. Accommodation

As touched on above, some football academies offer onsite accommodation. If you are considering these sorts of academies for your child then it is well worth taking a closer look at the standard of housing.

Take note of sleeping areas, amenities, and potentially schooling. There is a lot more to consider when it comes to these sorts of academies so leave no stone unturned.

3. Facilities

Another important consideration is the standard of facilities available. Some academies have both indoor and outdoor facilities allowing for training in all weather.

As well as the training spaces, equipment is also important. What sort of footballs are used? What training gear is provided? Is there equipment that sets an academy apart from another?

4. Coaching Qualification

The people running an academy are just as important as the academy itself. Playing experience does not necessarily equate to a good coach. Some better indicators of a good coach are coaching badges, qualifications and coaching experience.

Some qualifications to keep an eye out for include a first aid course, a child protection certificate, and of course, a certificate from the UK Football Association. Together, these demonstrate a deep understanding of child protection and safety, football knowledge, and coaching ability.

kids football coaching qualification

5. Staff Members

Every academy should clearly display who their members of staff are with detailed information about them. This will give you the confidence to put your trust in them knowing they will perform their role successfully.

You are looking for coaches who can not only improve your child’s footballing ability but do so whilst making the session fun and enjoyable.

kids football academy coaches

6. Training

This is the core of what any football academy is offering. Training is where your child will get the most out of their experience and as such, it needs to be of a high-quality level.

Different academies focus on different types of football training. There are those that place an emphasis on arduous training drills whilst others have more of a focus on team-building and communication.

Aim to find a programme that best suits your child’s personality and what they aim to gain from the experience. Training sessions should accommodate your child’s developmental stage, ability, and age to give them a session that suits them. Look closely into what each academy can provide for your child.

best kids football academy in london

7. Pathways

This may not be top of the agenda for all parents, yet it is worth checking out if your child is serious about making it as a professional. Many academies have links to professional clubs allowing progression for the most successful candidates.

If your child has aspirations to play football professionally and they have shown the promise to do so, picking an academy with good links can really help. Of course, there are no guarantees but a pathway to a professional system is a worthwhile inclusion for any football academy.

8. Track Record

If the priority is to maximise your child’s chances of progressing and ultimately having a better chance of making it professional, an academy’s track record is very important.

Look at the academy’s past record of progressing children onto professional clubs. A top quality football academy will allow their best prospects to flourish and reach their potential. Having no notable players come through isn’t necessarily an indication of a poor academy but is something worth considering.

9. Being Grounded

The goal of an academy is to put in the framework to improve their players. You should definitely be wary of academies who make a lot of promises or guarantees. Coaches need to be realistic and you’ll certainly want to avoid an academy with unrealistic expectations.

Of course, a bit of encouragement is great for kids, but too much ego-boosting can be damaging. The coaching staffs’ attitudes are very important to the quality of the academy.

10. Cost

Everyone wants value for money and it’s no different when it comes to football academy prices. The most expensive academies aren’t necessarily the best so do not use price as a guide for quality.

There are several aspects that can affect the cost of a place at an academy. The can include coaching quality, location, residence, and reputation. Look for an academy that priorities the aspects you value highest and that fits within your budget constraints.


If your child has a keen interest in football and wants to improve their skills whilst boosting their confidence and having fun, Samba Soccer Schools is worth considering. Here, they can learn to play football the Brazilian way whilst having fun and making new friends. If you want to try out a lesson, then book a free trial today or contact us for more information.

Football Academy FAQs:

Should I let my son join a football academy?

If your son has a keen interest in football, then an academy can be a great way to improve their skills and provide enjoyment.

How do I get my child into a football academy?

Every football academy is different. Look on an academy’s official website for more information. Check out how to join a Samba Soccer School here.

How do I choose the right soccer school in London?

The above article addresses some of the most important considerations to help you choose the right soccer school for your child.

What is the best age to join a football academy?

There is no ‘right’ age to join a football academy. As long as your child shows an interest in football, an academy is worth considering.

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