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What is the FA Level 1 Course?

If you’re new to football coaching and looking to land your first football coaching job, your first step is to get your FA level 1 badge.

The FA Level 1 Coaching Course is an introductory first course in the Football Association’s coaching pathway. The course was revised back in 2016 to fit the needs of the modern game.

There are several reasons you might choose to start on the coaching pathway, but the FA Level 1 Course is always the first step.

What is the FA Level 1 Course?

Put simply, the FA Level 1 Course is the first rung in the football coaching ladder. It provides an introduction to the Football Association and teaches how to deliver coaching sessions. The course includes practical development-focussed drills and is perfect for those looking to work with younger players.

In total, there are eight workshops that make up the course – these equate to 33 contact hours with tutors at the FA. There are also several written tasks to be completed outside of course hours.

Several resources are provided to help during and after the course:

  • Intro to coaching booklet
  • Intro to player development booklet
  • Grassroots, club & manager booklet
  • Intro to coaching DVD
  • Coaching players DVD
  • Learner resources CD-Rom
  • Interactive CD for coaches & referees
  • Learner pack

In order to be able to achieve an FA Level 1 coaching certificate, you will first need to:

  • Be 16+ years old
  • Hold an FA Emergency Aid Certificate
  • Have attended The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop (provided with the course)

Applicants must then complete the following tasks to pass the course:

  • Complete log book tasks
  • Deliver an assessed 20-minute practical coaching session

What Are the FA Level 1 Course Objectives?

The main aim of the course is to provide an introductory insight into football coaching and development. By earning this qualification, coaches are equipped to coach at a grassroots level. The course intends to cover both practical and theoretical sides of coaching.

The skills taught throughout the course provide a platform to further caching knowledge with additional courses.

The key points covered in the course include:

  • England’s DNA – Coaching, playing, and supporting development
  • The FA 4 Corner Player Development Model – focussed on players’ long-term development
  • The FA Plan, Do, Review Model – guiding the creation of training sessions for players
  • Practical coaching ideas – establishing the fundamentals of a fun, safe and engaging session
  • Practical coaching opportunities

More specifically, the FA Level 1 Course will introduce the fundamentals of:

  • Player and coach development
  • The FA’s Respect Programme
  • Laws of the Game
  • An introduction to The FA’s Long Term Player Development Model
  • An introduction to Football for All
  • FA Emergency Aid (separate workshop)
  • FA Safeguarding Children in Football (separate workshop)

How Much Will the FA Level 1 Coaching Course Cost?

Costs vary depending on where you are situated in the country. This is due to varying venue fees and funding.

In general, prices will fall in the £150 – £235 range. This may be reduced by your county’s FA funding, which is often put towards reducing the cost of coaching courses.

What is the Next Step?

After achieving the FA Level 1 Coaching Certificate, there are many routes you may choose to take. You may choose to start your goalkeeping certificate, progress onto the FA Level 2 Course, or simply stop there, depending on your reason for taking the course.

With the certificate under your belt, you can start your career in football or just choose to cover your child’s football team coaching duties when needed. There are no obligations once you have completed the course.

The Bottom Line

The FA Level 1 Course is the starting point for aspiring coaches in the UK. It’s the first step on the ladder and teaches all the necessary basics to develop your knowledge and accreditation further.

Undecided? Why not join our Coaching Pathway programme

If at this stage you’re a little unsure about enrolling onto the FA course, you may wish to take a look at our free Football Coaching Pathway course. The course is designed by Samba Soccer Schools as a precursor to the FA Level 1 coaching course.

You’ll learn first hand the key principles of coaching and you’ll benefit from weekly coaching work experience. And the best bit? We fund the FA level 1 course for the top performing candidates.

To find out more information, fill out the application form here.

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