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Top 10 Neymar Jr. Football Skills to Learn in 2021

Neymar is a household name for football fans and well-known to most outside the sport. He is a generational talent and comfortably one of the best Brazilian players of the last two decades.

Top 10 Neymar Skills

Perhaps best known for his football skills, Neymar is an incredible dribbler with a large repertoire of tricks. This article will take you through some of his favourites, giving step-by-step instructions on how to execute them and when to use them.

  1. Neymar Exit

Use when – you need to change direction and evade your marker.

How to do it – place your stronger foot on the ball, then roll your foot away from you. In one fluid movement, flick the ball with your instep behind your standing foot. Turn away in the direction you flicked the ball.

Difficulty rating – 4/10


  1. Stepover Cut

Use when – to beat your marker

How to do it – with your body positioned to one side of the ball, use the closest foot to drag it across your body. Whilst the ball is rolling, throw a step over in with that same foot. Knock the ball forwards with your other foot and head in that direction past your marker.

Difficulty rating – 6/10


  1. Reverse Elastico

Use when – to send your opponent the wrong way

How to do it – begin with the ball slightly in front of you with legs spreads. Plant your standing foot ready to take off in the opposite direction. With your dominant foot, push into the ball with your instep before moving your foot around the ball and pushing with the outside of your foot in one fluid motion.

Difficulty rating – 5/10 


  1. Neymar Chop

Use when – to confuse your marker/take the ball past them

How to do it – run up to the ball and flick it behind your standing foot with the instep of your other foot. Take your other foot and circle it around the ball, meeting it with your instep and knocking the ball forwards.

Difficulty rating – 7/10 


  1. Triangle

Use when – to change direction

How to do it – place one foot on the ball and drag it back. Flick the ball with the instep of the same foot, behind your standing foot. Trap the ball with your other foot as the ball rolls away from you and drag it back. Use the first foot to push the ball in the opposite direction and chase.

Difficulty rating – 8/10


  1. Double Stepover

Use when – to confuse your marker

How to do it – throw one foot around the ball without making contact. With the standing foot, flick the ball forwards. As the ball moves forwards, throw the foot that made contact with the ball over the ball. The skill should end with your body positioned to the side of the ball, ready to push off and make contact with the same foot.

Difficulty rating – 7.5/10


  1. Fenomeno

Use when – to beat your marker

How to do it – roll your foot over the ball from out to in. Step ahead of the ball with your other foot and kick with the initial foot wrapped around in a rabona stance.

Difficulty rating – 6/10 


  1. Rainbow Flick

Use when – get out of a tight situation and beat your opponent

How to do it – step ahead of the ball with your weaker foot. With your predominant foot, push the ball against the inside heel of your standing foot whilst lifting your predominant foot. Hop off the ground with your standing foot and use this to backheel the ball over your shoulder. Keep your eyes on the ball and control it as it comes down in front of you.

Difficulty rating – 8.5/10 


  1. Triangle Turn

Use when – turning whilst confusing opponents

How to do it – place on foot on the ball and roll it back. With the same foot, flick the ball with your instep behind your standing foot whilst turning in the direction of the flick. With your standing foot, roll the ball from in to out. Push away with this same foot.

Difficulty rating – 9/10 


  1. Tornado Flick

Use when – you have space and want to beat your marker with flair

How to do it – step towards the ball so that your body is over it. Trap the ball between both feet. Jump whilst turning 360 degrees, lifting the ball above your markers head. Run around them and control as the ball comes down.

Difficulty rating – 8/10 



All these skills require hard work, dedication, and practice to pull off in a match situation. Some are harder than others so do not be discouraged if you can’t do them at first.

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neymar skills to learn

FAQs About Neymar Jr. Football Skills

Can my child learn Neymar football skills?

Yes, it’s never too young to start learning football skills like Neymar. Don’t let them get discouraged if they can’t immediately pull off each skill – some are harder than others.

How to do Neymar skills and tricks?

The above article will guide through when and how to pull off some of Neymar’s favourite skills.

Who is the king of dribbling skills 2020?

There are lots of players who are known for their dribbling skills in 2020. Neymar is the poster boy for dribbling and skills but there are countless others. Some of the most prominent include Lionel Messi, Bernardo Silva, Eden Hazard, Lorenzo Insigne, Allan Saint-Maximin, Mo Salah, and Raheem Sterling to name a few.

Is Neymar Jr. the most skillful player?

Neymar is one of the most skillful players in the world but there are many others. Perhaps no one uses quite as many skills to such good effect as Neymar in world football right now.

Where can I find the best soccer school in London to learn Neymar Jr. skills?

Samba Soccer Schools is the best place to learn football the Brazilian way in London. If you want to try out a lesson, then book a free trial today or contact us for more information.

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