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Top 10 Zidane Football Skills to Learn in 2021

Zinedine Zidane is widely regarded as one of the best players of all time. The Frenchman was an elegant and skillful playmaker with flawless technique and unrivaled composure.

15 years after retiring his skills are as iconic as they ever were. If you are looking to emulate Zizou in 2021, you are in the right place. The following article will detail some of his best skills and provide instructions on how to pull them off for yourself.

  1. Standard Roulette

Use when – Evading a player

How to do it – Run towards the ball and drag it back with one foot. As you drag the ball back, spin to face the opposite direction and use your other foot to drag the ball back towards you.

Difficulty – 4/10


  1. Chop Roulette

Use when – Evading a player

How to do it – Step over the ball and tap it with your instep. As you spin, drag the ball back with your other foot and complete your turn.

Difficulty – 5/10


  1. Roulette Touch

Use when – Receiving a pass and evading your marker in one motion

How to do it – When running onto the ball, begin to spin to face the direction of the incoming pass. As the ball reaches you receive the ball on the foot closest to the direction of the ball. Continue the spin, cushioning the ball as it comes into your feet and dragging it around until you face your original direction.

Difficulty – 8/10


  1. L Shape

Use when – Creating space for yourself

How to do it – Whilst running with the ball towards an opponent, fake a shot or pass by swinging your leg towards the ball. Continue your swing past the ball and drag it back as your leg returns. Quickly tap the ball with the instep of the same leg and turn in that direction.

Difficulty – 7/10


  1. Fake Shot Drag

Use when – dribbling past opponent

How to do it – Swing your leg towards the ball as if you are about to shoot or pass with power. As your opponent dives in to block the kick, scoop the ball away from the opponent and head off in that direction.

Difficulty – 6/10


  1. Multiple Stepovers

Use when – Confusing your marker

How to do it – Throw one foot over the ball without touching it as it rolls forwards. Continue to do this until you spot your marker making a movement in one direction, then head off in the opposite direction.

Difficulty – 6/10


  1. Tap Tap Role

Use when – Confusing your marker

How to do it – Whilst stationary, tap the ball from one foot to the other and back again. Upon receiving the ball with the original foot, roll your foot over the ball.

Difficulty – 3/10


  1. Foot Roll and Go

Use when – Beating a marker

How to do it – Receive a pass on one foot by rolling over the ball from in to out. Tap the ball with the instep of the same foot towards your standing foot. Knock the ball forwards with your other foot past your opponent and run around the other side of them.

Difficulty – 7/10


  1. One-Touch Turn

Use when – Receiving a pass and changing direction

How to do it – Assume a wide stance as the ball reaches you. Place one foot to receive the pass and take the ball on the instep, allowing it to pass through your legs. In one fluid motion. Turn to face the direction of the ball and follow it.

Difficulty – 7/10


  1. Ronaldo Chop

Use when – changing direction unexpectedly

How to do it – Whilst running with the ball, jump over it with one leg outstretched. Use this foot to push the ball with your instep when landing. Make sure to keep your other foot out the way as the ball heads in that direction. Change direction sharply to follow the ball.

Difficulty –  6/10


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FAQs About Zinedine Zidane Football Skills:

Can my child learn Zidane football skills?

Of course! The article above details some of Zidane’s most famous skills with instructions on how to do them yourself.

How to do the Zidane Turn?

The Zidane turn, also known as the roulette is described in the article above.

How to do Zidane skills and tricks?

The article above explains how and when you can try Zidane’s skills tricks.

Where can I find the best soccer school for my kid to learn Zidane skills?

Samba Soccer Schools encourages kids to express themselves with skills and flair and is the perfect place to try out Zidane’s skills.

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