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What to Wear When Playing Football in the Winter

With the winter period fast approaching, it is important to ensure that children wear the appropriate clothing for the cold weather when they go off to play football. 

This article will detail some of the best football clothes to purchase for children in preparation for the winter season.

Rain Jacket

There’s nothing worse than rain spoiling football classes for children. Not only is it uncomfortable to be in, but it can also cause the ground to become slippery and dangerous when playing. A rain jacket is ideal in this scenario, protecting your child from the rain whilst also looking stylish when attending sessions.


Winter Jacket

If you’re looking for something thicker than a rain jacket, perhaps you should consider purchasing a winter jacket. Whilst they aren’t the best to run around in, the padding will keep you feeling warm and comfortable when travelling to football classes.



A great accessory for the winter is gloves. The weather in the winter can be quite harsh, especially for children. Covering your extremities is important and gloves are a great way to stay warm, allowing your child to keep focused during their football classes.

Base Layer

A base layer is another fantastic way to insulate and keep warm when outside in the winter. Most football kits have short sleeves, which isn’t ideal for children when playing in the cold weather. Your child can wear their football kit over a base layer to protect themselves from the cold. You can even get a base layer that matches the colour of their football top, so it doesn’t look out of place with the rest of their kit.


Winter is the perfect time to switch out those shorts for joggers. Whilst most football kits come with shorts, you will be able to find joggers that can match your kit. These are ideal to train in when braving the cold.


If a jacket is too uncomfortable to play football in, perhaps you should look for a hoodie. A fleece hoodie will keep you warm, whilst also being lightweight and comfortable to run around in during football training sessions.

Beanie Hat

A beanie hat is another fantastic accessory to play football in during the winter. Unlike a cap, a beanie hat won’t reduce vision or make it difficult to head the ball. 

If you’re looking to get some football clothing for yourself or for children, head over to Samba Soccer Schools’ online store here



What should I wear when playing football?

Ideally, you should be wearing anything that you’re comfortable running around in. That means the appropriate clothing and footwear. 

Do I need a football kit to take part in training sessions?

Some teams will require their players to have a full kit as part of their uniform for their classes. At Samba Soccer Schools, children attending a free trial lesson can take part in their London football classes without having a uniform.

Where can I find football clothes?

For children and coaches attending classes at Samba Soccer Schools, clothing is available at the official shop on the website. 

Are football clothes expensive?

Like most clothing items, you may have to pay more in order to get better quality. However, children’s football clothing will be more affordable than adults, and you may even be able to find some deals during sales.

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