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Why is Training Outside of Team Football Sessions So Important?

The best players in world football didn’t reach the very top of the game through sheer talent alone. Hard work is a must and a lot of that comes outside of regular training sessions doing extra hours working on their weaknesses and improving their strengths.

Training outside of team football sessions is invaluable in reaching your potential and getting the very most out of yourself.

Focus on Weakness

Extra training sessions by yourself give you a great opportunity to pick out areas of your game that perhaps aren’t as strong as they should be. During team sessions, coaches have to focus on large groups of players, and as such, attention can’t be given to every individual. It is up to you to take it upon yourself to iron out the kinks in your games.

In individual sessions, you can work on your weak foot, or your free-kick taking, or your acceleration. Whatever it may be that needs a bit of extra work, you can use this solo session to better. There is no pressure on you to deliver and you can take as much time as you need.

This is where the best players improve things that can take them from good to great.

individual football training

Pushes you Out of Your Comfort Zone

Players can sometimes become nervous about trying risky things and play it safe when they know their coaches and teammates are watching. This can stop them from developing certain areas of their games in fear of a negative reaction should it go wrong. In a team training session, you may choose to play a short sideways pass instead of a risky defence-splitting through ball that could change the game.

By training outside of regular team sessions, you eliminate this worry and have the opportunity to improve skills without anyone’s eyes on you. Here, you can practise your through ball technique and build confidence so that when you are in team training you can feel more confident and try pulling it off.

Individual training lets you play with more freedom and take yourself out of your comfort zone.

individual football training for kids

More Training Time

There is only so much time players can spend working on their development with coaches. The majority of sessions are restricted to a few hours per week and a game. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough time to make huge improvements in every area of your game. Luckily, additional individual training sessions can give you the extra hours you need.

For anyone striving to be the very best, extra training sessions are a must. The more time you spend on the training pitch playing football, the more opportunity for development you have.

individual football coaching

Try New Skills

As alluded to in the point related to comfort zones, individual training allows you to practise new skills. This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and try out new things.

It doesn’t have to be fancy flicks and tricks and could be something as simple as a kicking technique or improving your weak foot. Whatever it may be, you have a setting where no one is watching and it doesn’t matter how badly your first attempts may go. The only person who can discourage you is yourself.

Samba Soccer Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much individual training should I do?

As much as you feel you need. Try not to overdo and listen to your body. If you are tired and fatigued, rest and recovery are also incredibly important.

What should I work on in individual training?

Whatever you want. Whether it’s a weakness you feel needs to be up to scratch or a strength you want to take to the next level, it’s entirely up to you.

Why should I do additional training?

There are a lot of benefits to additional training but the primary one is the ability to develop your footballing ability.

How can I get better in my training sessions?

Focus on your weaknesses and work on them over and over. The more time you spend on the training ground working on particular areas of your game, the better you will become.

How do I know my weakness in football?

Ask your coaches or teammates if you aren’t sure yourself. The people around you can help provide honest feedback that will help you with what to work on on the training ground.

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