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5 Things To Look For in a Child’s Football Coach

When looking for football classes for kids, it is important to find the right coach. Football coaches are responsible for providing the best training to develop your child’s skills and confidence with a ball.

This article will look at 5 things you should look for in a coach when searching for kid’s football training.

football coach with children

  1. Qualifications

When looking for a football coach, it is essential to find someone who is qualified and trained for the role. Coaching children’s football requires a person with credibility and an understanding of how to teach. There are various different skills and qualifications a coach must have if they are serious about coaching football as a profession. These skills and qualifications also train coaches about first aid and child protection.

  1. Experience

When looking for a football coach, you should consider finding someone who is experienced in kid’s football coaching. An experienced coach should have a good track record and positive reviews so that you know that your child is in good hands when they go off to train. At Samba Soccer Schools, we run football classes for children and our coaches have received plenty of positive feedback from parents. You can view some of our Google reviews here.

football coach talking

  1. Dedication

Coaching children can be hard work. A good coach will need to be willing to put in a lot of hard work and effort in order to help develop your child’s skills. Kids need time and patience in order to achieve the best of their abilities, that’s why kid’s football training requires a dedicated coach who will be there to support your child.

  1. Reliable

It is important to find a coach who is reliable when looking for someone to train your child. You want someone who is going to be professional, punctual, and build a relationship with you through providing feedback and communication. Here at Samba Soccer Schools, we provide football training in London for children that are lead by coaches who are organised. Whether it’s preparing session plans or monitoring your child’s progress, our coaches are always on top of things.

football coach hig five

  1. Fun

Football training for children should always be fun. Whilst your child may be hard at work, they should also be enjoying what they’re doing. Kid’s football classes should consist of exciting games and activities set by the coach to keep your child engaged and leave them with a smile on their face.

football coach and kid smile

Are you interested in finding a coach to assist your child with one-to-one football training in London? Or perhaps you are interested in group classes for your child so they can train alongside other children? Contact Samba Soccer Schools by filling out the enquiry form here and a member of our team will get in touch with you within 48 hours!

FAQs About Children’s Football Coaches

What does a football coach do?

A football coach should be able to develop a footballer’s skills and abilities through a range of training drills and activities. They should also provide feedback and motivation during their sessions and act as a mentor for whoever they are training.

What qualifications should a football coach have?

To become a football coach in the UK, you must have enrolled onto the required FA courses. To get paid for football coaching, you must hold a ‘level 1 coaching’ qualification. This also allows you to coach grassroots football. Before paying someone for football coaching, make sure they have this qualification so you can ensure that you have a person who is legitimately able to work with your child.

Will my child need any experience in football before working with a coach?

Football coaches should be able to teach the basics of the sport to someone with no experience. When working with children with no experience in football, a good coach will be patient as they work towards improving your child’s skills and confidence with the ball.

Where can I find a football coach for my child?

At Samba Soccer Schools, we run football classes for kids in various venues in London such as Chelsea, Marylebone and Fulham. These classes have small student-to-coach ratios which allow our coaches to give all students attention, whilst allowing every child to make consistent and repetitive contact with the ball and develop their skills. We also offer one-to-one football coaching that lets you sit in the driver’s seat and schedule sessions that suit your schedule.

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