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How to Get Your Child Scouted for Football Success (2021)

Many kids dream of getting scouted and eventually making it as a pro in the world of football. Getting the attention of a scout may only be the start but it can be an important first step in the journey to making a career out of playing football.

The following article will highlight some of the most important things scouts look out for when selecting promising young players.

What is a Football Scout?

The role of a football scout is to spot talented young players. There are a few different types of scouts that perform slightly different jobs.

Club scouts work for a specific club and are asked to search for players who could be a good fit for them. International scouts work for national sides and perform a very similar role to club scouts but for a nation.

Agency scouts are a little bit different from the previous two mentioned. They recruit talent for a network of clubs with whom they may be in contact.

what is a football scout

What are Football Scouts Searching for?

Obviously, scouts are looking for talent but there some more specific criteria that they keep an eye out for. Here are some of the main things you may want to work on if you are intent on being noticed by a scout.

  1. Technical Ability

Technique has long been overlooked in certain countries but there is a firm shift away from that mindset in modern football. Technical ability is important no matter where you play on the field. It encompasses your first touch, ball control, and dribbling skills.

In order to stand out from everyone else, you’ll want to make sure your technique is worked on day in and day out. Being comfortable on the ball, regardless of position or role, is an invaluable skill that scouts want to see.

football dribbling

  1. Tactical Awareness

This is a skill which is developed over time but the quicker you pick it up, the better. Tactical awareness is the ability to ‘read’ the game and understand how your movement can affect the game. It is the ability to predict how a phase of play may pan out and making the correct decisions as a result.

Tactical awareness gets better the more you play and the more match situations you are exposed to. If you are not sure where you should be on the pitch or what you should do in certain situations, do not be afraid to ask for help.

football coach with tactics board

  1. Physical Attributes

Physical attributes are naturally important in a physical sport like football. This doesn’t simply mean strength, though. Pace, agility, stamina, jumping reach, and balance are all useful attributes to have and work on.

If you can show that you have a strong toolset of physical attributes, an onlooking scout will no doubt take note.

kids running football

  1. A Desire to Win

Not everything in life is about winning but a competitive edge in football is a must. Showing your commitment to the cause and your desire to win is vital. Nobody reaches the top of the game without having a deep-rooted hunger to continually improve and do better.

A desire to win is shown through the effort you put in and your body language. If you’re vocal and can encourage your teammates, even better!

football fist pump

  1. General Behaviour

You may have all of the things listed above but if you come across as unpleasant, rude, or difficult to work with, scouts will have a big red mark next to your name.

Football is more than just the sporting side of things, be sporting, polite, and a team player and your good actions will not go unnoticed.

football kids being sporting


Getting scouted is a very difficult task and it doesn’t happen for everyone. If you take on some of the advice outlined above you will no doubt increase your chances. If you aren’t successful, never give up and keep improving. You never know when someone is watching so always do your best every time you set foot onto the pitch.

If you’d like to improve your football skills in a fun and friendly environment, consider coming along to a Samba Soccer School. We teach football the Brazilian way and prepare children for a lifetime of football enjoyment. For more information have a look here.

We’ve also helped a few of our players get scouted by top Premier League teams. Check out the pictures below.

kids being selected by football clubs

Football Scout FAQs:

At what age do you get scouted for football?

You can get scouted at virtually any age. Always be as prepared as you can be by doing the things outlined in the list above to have the best chance of being noticed for the right reasons.

How do I get my child noticed in football?

The five tips above are some great pointers for things you can improve to get your child noticed. They can be continually improved so make sure to never stop learning and improving.

What is the best age to join a football academy?

There isn’t one! Join as soon as you are ready to learn some new skills and have fun playing football. If you’re a little bit older and haven’t played football in this sort of environment before, that is also not a problem!

What happens when you get scouted for football?

Depending on the type of scout, you may be offered the chance to sign for a club or join an academy.

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