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10 Best Football Training Equipment for Kids (2021)

Football training is important for development and progression in the sport but it can be dull at times. Thankfully, there are lots of different pieces of equipment that can mix things up and improve the quality of training.

The following article will detail ten of the best pieces of equipment for kids to improve their enjoyment and quality of training.

  1. Training Cones

The first place to start has to be training cones. Perhaps the most essential piece of football training equipment there is – if you’re going to buy any one thing, purchase these.

Training cones are fantastically versatile and can be used to dribble around, mark out grids, or even as targets or goals. They are relatively inexpensive and are a great investment.


  1. Rebounder

Another versatile piece of training equipment is the rebounder. This is perfect when training alone as you can have passes returned to you by kicking the ball at the rebounder. This is also a terrific piece of equipment to practise your first touch and ball control. 

  1. Hula Hoops

Hula hoops are not necessarily a piece of football training gear but a cheap and versatile piece of equipment nonetheless. These can be used as targets to pass the ball into or as tight grids to receive the ball within. Several hula hoops can also be lined up for quick feet jogging drills.

  1. Training Ladder

If you’d like a more specialised piece of equipment for improving quick feet, the training ladder is perfect. This horizontal ladder has small gaps between each rung designed for stepping in and out of at pace. You can fix up the way in which you use the ladder to improve agility, pace, and stamina.

training ladder

  1. Kick-Up Trainer

This is essentially a ball on a string and is perfect for controlling aerial balls without taking up much space. Kick-up trainers are often a net in which you place a football on a string that can be attached to the player. These are perfect for improving kick up technique without risk of losing the ball.

  1. Training Hurdles

Back to the theme of running-related training equipment, training hurdles are a great piece of kit to mimic running on a football pitch. There are many different types of running in a game of football and training hurdles can mimic exactly that. These are relatively small and lightweight and are a useful thing to have around.

  1. Mannequins

These are perfect for free-kick training, especially if you don’t have anyone to make a wall. They may not be as versatile as some other bits of equipment but they can be used to dribble around and as a stand-in goalkeeper to encourage shooting to the sides.


  1. Corner Target

Who doesn’t love a top corner strike? Corner targets come in a few different variations but the general theme is a target to aim for in the top corner of a goal. These can be fixed to crossbars and posts and provide a visible area to aim for when shooting.

  1. Target Sheet

If you want to isolate the extremities of the goal to improve precision shooting, a target sheet is a great option. With a target sheet, you don’t need a goalkeeper as the ball will bounce off the majority of the sheet. These encourage you to aime for the corners of the goal and are very satisfying when you score.

target sheet 

  1. Pop-Up Goal

You can’t get much more versatile than a pop-up goal. These lightweight and convenient goals are far smaller than a standard size goal and can be put up easily and quickly. Pop-up goals can be used for virtually anything you can think of and are well worth considering if you’re looking for a new piece of training equipment for kids.

If your child is interested in training with some of these pieces of equipment, why not bring them down to Samba Soccer Schools? We teach football the Brazilian way with friendly qualified coaches. For more information, click here.

FAQs About Football Training Equipment

Do I need football equipment for training?

Football training equipment isn’t necessary for training but some pieces certainly help.

What is the best piece of football training equipment?

The above list details ten of the best options for kids.

What equipment do kids need for football training?

If you can only purchase one piece of equipment, training cones are possibly the best option.

What ball should I buy for football training?

The Sambola Skills Ball is specifically designed for kids football training and is an excellent choice.

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