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The Benefits of Music With Football Training

Training is an integral part of football that separates the good from the elite. No one reaches the top without the dedication and hard work on the training pitch but this can be difficult to keep up away from the thrill of a matchday.

One way in which football coaches have attempted to engage players and get the most out of them during training sessions is with music. There is research to suggest that music has a beneficial effect on training performance and as such can increase participation and effort.

Benefits of Music With Soccer Practices

The following article will detail some of the major plus points of incorporating music into football training.

Inspires More Effort

A drop in effort is common to see on the training field away from the glamour of a match. Players can feel physically and mentally fatigued and as a result put in less effort knowing the stakes are lower.

However, the introduction of music can boost effort levels significantly. Repetitive drills become less tedious with the entertainment factor of music. Psychologically, players are likely to be sharper and respond to the music, rather than feeling bored and becoming complacent.

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Increases Focus

Losing sharpness is another common ailment of football practice. Players may begin a drill full of energy and commitment but quickly see those levels drop.

Once again, playing music can help the situation and keep alertness high. It adds more variety to drills and makes it harder for players’ minds to wander away from what they are doing.

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Promotes Continuity

Continuity is very important in football training to maintain high levels of performance and consistent development. Music can help with this idea of continuity by providing a consistent backdrop. Picking the same type of music will help a lot with keeping a rhythm to training.

Building Cohesion

Togetherness can be enhanced with the inclusion of music in football. It helps to bring players together and makes building stronger bonds easier. Part of the reason for this is that music makes drills more fun for everyone involved. The more people enjoy doing things together, the better the connection they form with one another.

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What the Research Says

Music has been used to make soldiers march faster, encourage team building, and improve productivity in the workplace, but what is the effect of music on football according to research studies?

A German study has found that playing music synchronously to the entire team can lead to performance-related improvement.

Professional football coaches and researchers conducted an analysis of team performances and concluded that the introduction of music resulted in improved performance. Statistically, the improvement was considered significant.

It is thought that training with a particular type of music will instill a rhythm in the team that will be present even when the music is not being played. This suggests that music during training sessions can not only have an immediate effect but a longer-lasting effect seen during matches.

Music at Samba Soccer Schools

As our name suggests, we are big on samba music at Samba Soccer Schools. In fact, we play samba music at all our sessions to help promote some of the benefits explained above. At Samba Soccer Schools we teach football the Brazilian way. We aim to create a fun and engaging environment for kids to enjoy themselves and develop their skills.

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