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Develop Your Football Coaching
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Welcome to the SSS Coaching Pathway

If you’ve always dreamed of being a football coach but lack the skills or experience, our coaching pathway could be the perfect opportunity for you. We’re seeking individuals with a strong desire to coach, a passion for stylish and attractive football, and the drive to turn their dreams into reality.

The Samba Soccer Schools Coaching Pathway is a free 6-week course that leads you through the basics of coaching and helps you establish proven structures that can be applied to any situation, anywhere. It is designed to lay the foundations for a successful coaching career by providing you with confidence, knowledge, and real-world situations to practise in.

Samba Soccer Schools is rapidly expanding, and we’re often looking for new coaches to join our team. Those who excel on our Coaching Pathway will be offered coaching jobs, but everybody who completes the course should feel prepared to take on their FA Level 1 and 2 coaching badges and have acquired the skills to make them employable in the football industry.   

If you’re ready to act on that long-standing dream and become the coach you’ve always thought you had inside, scroll down to some more information and an application form.

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What are the benefits of the SSS Coaching Pathway?

We applaud anybody who follows their dream, and if football coaching is yours, let’s work together. There are several major benefits that taking the SSS Coaching Pathway can have.

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Develop a new skill

If you’ve always thought you had what it takes to develop the abilities of others through your own knowledge and love of the game, our pathway course is your entry into this exciting yet often hard-to-enter industry. We’ll teach you our fine-tuned coaching structure that you can apply to any coaching situation, regardless of age or ability.

Earn through what you love

Is there anything better than waking up in the morning and going to a job that you adore? For those who live and breathe football, coaching allows you to earn a living doing what you truly love. Upon completion of the course, we’ll direct you toward your FA qualifications and the very best will be offered a job right there and then with Samba Soccer Schools.

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Expand your Network

The SSS Coaching Pathway brings together like-minded individuals with an aptitude for success. It provides entry into an industry that can be difficult to crack, allowing you to meet coaches and others within the football world who can help you along the way as you embark on this new profession.

Personal Growth

Life is short, so what waste it doing things you dislike or even hate? We firmly believe that establishing a career in a profession you love is something everybody should try to do as it almost always makes us better people. Our Coaching Pathway establishes the coaching foundations and teaches skills far beyond the football pitch, and the personal growth can be extraordinary.

Why should you learn from us?

You’re in good hands! With our industry experience, we are confident we can develop your football coaching skills and experience!


When it comes to coaching, experience counts for everything. Samba Soccer Schools has been operating since 2009, and in that time, we’ve explored and tweaked countless coaching methods and models before arriving at today’s Coaching Pathway course. We’ve fine-tuned and ironed out the wrinkles to create a comprehensive coaching syllabus delivered with confidence and passion.

The SSS Movement

We’re not just any old football school. What makes Samba Soccer Schools so unique and popular is our ability to deliver structured classes that focus on careful progression with the kind of show-stopping entertainment the Brazilians are known for. We believe children should love playing football, and with a thumping samba beat in the background, and a spotlight on core and 1v1 skills, kids can’t get enough of our classes.

Expert Guidance

There are many coaching schools where you simply turn up and get taught without having the kind of expert, nurturing guidance we pride ourselves on. Developing coaching skills in the detailed and thorough way it should be takes time and usually involves plenty of questions. Theoretical teaching is all well and good, but without the extra mile that comes with explaining carefully and going over it again when needed, learning to coach will always be more of a struggle.


Please check our eligibility criteria for joining our Pathway course before you submit your application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Aged 16-25
  • A strong passion for football coaching
  • Playing experience (preferably a minimum of 1-2 years)
  • Football coaching experience (preferable but not essential)
  • Football coaching qualifications (preferable but not essential)
  • Self-confidence
  • Team player
  • An eagerness to learn
  • A desire to make football coaching a long-term profession
  • A commitment of time and energy to further your coaching development

If you feel you tick these boxes, we’d love to hear from you! Continue reading to find out what your next steps are.

How does the programme work?

Our Pathway Course teaches our core coaching methodology based on six principles: Structuring exercises, Educational impact, Engaging students, Disciplinary techniques, Age-specific communication, and Safety and setup (SEEDAS). We balance fun and freedom in football with a well-structured syllabus perfected over ten years.

Each week, you’ll focus on an exercise demonstrated by the tutor in a real Samba Soccer class, working directly with kids and gaining first-hand coaching experience. You’ll receive feedback on your execution and your ability to build rapport with the students, which is crucial to our approach.

Supported by an online program for further guidance, there’s no pass or fail. Outstanding students may be invited to continue coaching with Samba Soccer.

Ready for a challenge? Apply for our football coaching course today and make your dream a reality.

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Apply Today

Your first step starts right here. Fill in your details below and you can expect to hear from our team within 48 hours. Don’t forget to add a cover note.