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What Makes us Different?

Wondering what makes us stand out? At SSS, we take pride in what sets us apart from other coaching services. Read below to find out more.

Brazilian style football

Our programmes are skills-focused. We don’t try to cover everything in our syllabus. Instead there is an emphasis on learning a wide range of ball mastery skills and 1v1 tricks to improve a players confidence with the ball at their feet.

Developing young people

We are not fans of autocratic coaching! Every decision we make is rooted in our core aim: to improve the skills of children on and off the pitch. With this in mind, we attract a very particular coaching personality centered on encouragement, fun and development.

Samba Music

If you’ve ever played the beautiful game to Samba music, you will know why the Brazilians play the way they do. At SSS, we coach our players to the sound of samba music with the aim of encouraging a sense of joy and freedom when playing. Samba contains a certain rhythm that lets students play in a synchronistic and stylistic way.

The rhythms vary for different training exercises, with the exciting tones of Percussion, Bossa Nova and Samba Carnival all being played depending on the practise and area of development.

Size 2 weighted footballs

Skills, skills, skills and more skills. Our goal of finely tuning our player’s skills is achieved through repetition of movements. The use of Futebol De Salo and a weighted size 2 football could not be more perfect for this. Through its use, players are able to spend more time with the ball at their feet to develop their skills and technique.


One of the biggest challenges in youth football coaching is to keep players engaged. We feel we have overcome that challenge not only through our style of football or our use of a smaller weighted footballs or samba music, but also through storytelling. Every six weeks our students learn the skills of a Brazilian legend. The content is always fresh and updated yearly.