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When you think of Brazilian football, you think of creativity, skills and entertainment. Their style of football is known as Ginga and it has everything to do with swinging your body, moving with rhythm and using your skills.

Here are our top 3 Brazilian signature that you can use to beat a defender.

1. The Step Over. Ronaldo 9’s finest.

This skill is all about fooling the defender and sending them the wrong way. There’s no better feeling than skipping past a defender through manipulating your body. This is exactly what Ronaldo 9 did in the 1990’s. By popularising this move, more players have taken advantage of this fine skill. At Samba Soccer Schools, we call it the “Pedalada” which translates into “Step Over”.

See a Ronaldo compilation here.

2. The no look pass. Ronaldinho’s magic trick!

This skill is all about fooling the defender, however not in a one on one situation, but more one preventing the defender finding and closing down space. Defender’s would look at the player’s face more than the ball since they would have a better idea of where the player is looking to pass. Looking for options is a way for defenders to predict the play and an opportunity to intercept the ball. The King of this skill would of course be Brazil’s No.10 Ronaldinho.

See Ronaldinho’s masterclass here

3. The Rainbow flick. A touch of class from Neymar.

People take showboating personally. Others think it’s an excellent way to entertain fans. The Rainbow flick is a fun way of getting yourself out of a situation where it seems there’s nothing you can do. This courageous skill is just one of many of Neymar’s party tricks.

Watch the King of Rainbow flicks, Neymar Jr show how it’s done here

At Samba Soccer Schools, this is exactly what we create. Fun, creative and memorable skills that would last in kids memories for a long time! The lesson we try to express is that you will never know until you try!

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